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A Step Back in Time -Blue Blood & Farnam House Collaboration Release Party

Blue Blood Brewing Co. & Farnam House Brewing Co. are traveling back in time to the 19 th century to release a collaboration Kellerbier done as historically accurate as possible.
Historically, a Kellerbier (Cellar Beer) referred to any Lager beer being matured in the caves or cellars under the brewery and served straight from the cave or cellar. Well, for this event you
will travel back to that time and get:
-Access to the private party in the cave where the beer was lagered.
-Be one of only 40 people to receive a 8oz. pour straight from 10 Liter Oak Barrels that the beer was actually lagered in. (Included with price of admission).
-Additional pours of the Kellerbier will be on tap in the barrel room of the cave for purchase along with other Blue Blood Brewing and Farnam House Brewing Beers. The Kellerbier on tap was lagered in the cave barrel room in 55 gallon Oak barrels. Access to these beers are limited to attendees only during the
hours of the event.

-Enjoy a historically accurate appetizer buffet of Boars Head and Smoked Shoulder,
Cheeses, and Breads. Awareness Note. There will be an actual head on the table…so get your fork ready. (Included with price of admission).
-Live music in the middle cavern of the cave. (Included with the price of admission).

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