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2nd Degree Justifable Hopicide New England Style IPA Taproom Release

2nd Degree Justifiable Hopicide Taproom Release

New Enlgand Style IPA

March 28th


ABV: 6.7 IBU: 52

After your Cellarman goes on his 1st East coast IPA bender killing hops like a raged mobster in a territory war, you better believe you’re gonna have a 2nd Hopicide to Justify as well. We did so by disposing of the hop remains in this super juicy, hazy IPA. When you have Mosaic, Simcoe and Enigma hop juice on your hands. You rinse it off with wort, dry it up with oats, and bring forward an earthy explosion of tropical fruit, berries, citurs, lemongrass and pine! One lip smacking drink of this IPA and you too will end up with a quick trigger finger, an east coast accent, and a prospensity for green chowda.

Earlier Event: February 27
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